The Pearl of Great Price

Sample Reflection:

My Life

Think of a place or experience so great that you have never forgotten it. It’s a memory you treasure so much you would give up almost anything to have it again.

Setting the Scene

Jesus told many parables to the people of his day to help them to understand the good news he came to share. In this parable we commonly understand the treasure to symbolize the Kingdom of God. But what if you were the treasure that Jesus wanted so much?

Matthew 13:44-46


Can you sense the excitement these men must have felt for their discovered treasure? The sense of satisfaction in having it is a feeling they’ll long remember. There will always be something inside of them that wants that experience again and if they could really have it, they’d sacrifice for it.

Jesus obviously felt that same way for us. He did exactly what these men did. He gave up everything he had, his place in heaven and all the honor it held, and became like you and me. He rejected all material gain and through his ministry never had a home. He eventually was denied by his most loyal follower, and betrayed by another and died. All this He willingly did so He could have His buried treasure, His pearl of great price.

You are that treasure. God looked down on you with all the problems you incur during your life and was driven by His love for you to sacrifice all He had. He counted the cost and decided you were worth it.  You were worth the life of the son of God. That’s your value. You’re not cheap. You’re priceless! You are the Pearl of great price and that’s Gods’ opinion. Now who knows better than God?

Take it to God

Pray today that God may help you to see your value and your goodness. Ask God to develop in you a measure of love for yourself as He himself loves you.


Make a list of ten good qualities you see in yourself. If you have trouble thinking of ten qualities call a friend, talk to a parent or other family member. You are a buried treasure. Thank God for each quality you record.