God Will Always Be There

Sample Reflection:

My Life

Do you ever worry that your relationship with God won’t last. You may fear at times that maybe the circumstances of life may be stronger than the bond you have with God.

Setting the Scene

In this passage from Romans it clearly states the depth of God’s love and that nothing is stronger. It comes after Paul reflects upon our frustrations in failing God and in feeling a sense that all is lost.


Romans 8:35 -39

What distress have you had in life that tested your hope for life?

From whom do you fear rejection the most and why do you fear their rejection?

What needs do you have that you fear will not be met?

Who can bring you harm so great that God will not be there?


This passage addresses Christians who may have felt who may have felt a loss of hope and security. It encourages them and you to:

Let your essence of life be God and your hope will not be diminished.

Let your closest friend be Jesus, who died for you for He will never reject you.

Let your needs and security rest in what God offers you for God will never withdraw His hand.

Let God’s love be ever on your mind for all that He gives you is sustained by it and nothing is stronger.

Take it to God

Pray that your awareness of God’s love for you grows for it is your strength and it will sustain in you the knowledge that there isn’t anything that you will experience today that God’s love can’t conquer.

Journal/Activity :

At the cross Jesus said, in reference to those who crucified him, ” Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” Not even that could separate them from God’s love for them. If you do not have a cross draw one in your journal or pick one up in a store or at your church. Keep it as a reminder that God will always love you.