Betrayed Me With A Kiss

Sample Reflection:

My Life

Have you ever been betrayed by someone who has been your friend for a long time? After years of being a good friend to them you may find out that that aren’t what you thought they were.

Setting the Scene

It is now after the last supper. Jesus has prayed in the garden. His friend of three years, Judas, now approaches him surrounded by guards with weapons.

Luke 22:47 – 53


Betrayed Me With A Kiss

We walked the streets of Jerusalem

and shared the same cup of wine.

We sailed the Sea of Galilee,

reaching out to the poor and the blind.

Three years of touching other’s hearts

as ours grew stronger each day,

mine towards this day of sacrifice,

but his strayed another way.

I knew this time was coming.

His embrace would bring my end.

Swords and torches swirl around me,

in their midst stands my trusted friend.

With his eyes fixed firmly on me,

with a sorrow I could not miss,

I said, “Friend, do what you must do.”

and he betrayed me with a kiss.

Calling Judas friend at that time of betrayal says so much about Jesus’ capacity to love. If only Judas would have seen the forgiveness, but he didn’t. I don’t know how any of us could have understood what was going on in Jesus’ mind. Perhaps to some extent we may empathize, in so much as if we have ever felt betrayed. I doubt if any betrayal could be so complete as this, yet Jesus could still be a friend.

Take it to God

When you feel betrayed by a friend, turn to Jesus. Ask him for his comfort and healing. Pray that he would give you the strength to remain who you are as he did. Know that in your hurt there is one who understands.


Place yourself at Jesus side after he had been betrayed by Judas. Write down your imagined conversation with Jesus thinking of what you would say to him and what he would say in return.