My Faith Walk

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I gave my life to Christ in the Summer of 1972 at  Young Life camp in Saranac Village, NY. Words cannot describe what God’s Spirit did for me that day and every day since.

Leading up to that day was a childhood full of many of the events that make up many teens lives  but my journey was also marked by severe losses and struggle. When I was about 8 years old my father had a stroke  which left him unable to work the rest of his life. We grew very close over the next four years which only made his sudden and unexpected death on August 14, 1967, so difficult.

I was affected so deeply. Normally a very emotional child I could not cry at my father’s funeral or for many years afterward. My prayer was first affected by my anger toward God over my inability to feel and express the pain I was experiencing. Later I began to end each day by asking God if I could share my day with my dad. After sharing my day and saying good night I would thank God for allowing me to talk to Dad.

Beginning my junior year in high school I started going to Tuesday night meetings with Young Life. I later went to camp and that is when my life changed. On Wednesday night was the cross talk when we reflected on the tremendous act of love that Jesus suffered for us. The following night we each had the opportunity to give our lives to Christ. It was then that I stood and spoke the words allowed. They prayed for us and as they did the Spirit of God touched in a way that I have never been touched before. Tears flowed and I experienced a healing that is so hard to describe.

I came home from camp and began reading the bible from cover to cover and then again. Over the years I found every answer, every support and direction for every challenge in my life. I looked back and could see how God was always active in my life helping me even when I didn’t realize it. Because scripture came to me so much to me I always had a desire to help others realize what a treasure scripture is and how much help god gives us through it.

Among all the devotions in this book, I hope you find assurance in the opening reflection for which the devotion is named. You are a gift from God. This is from a quiet time with scripture I had while still in school. As you read from day to day, I hope Scripture comes to mean for you all that it has meant for me.  I also hope you find in the Church the guidance you need to live a life filled with love and dedicated to building God’s kingdom right here where we live. God bless you as we journey together in Gods’ word.

Love in Jesus,

Pat Rinker