My Body Torn, My Body Mended

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Greetings in Christ,

Thank you for visiting my You’re Worth It! website and blog. If you have purchased my scripture devotional, thank you and I hope you have found blessing in it, growing more deeply in love with God and able to love those you encounter in life.

I am grateful for the reviews (on written by those who have purchased the book but also concerned by two reviews. Two people wrote poor reviews simply because I am Catholic. It’s not that it saddens me now but division in the Body of Christ, the Church, has always concerned.

It calls me back to a poem I wrote when I was about 20 years old, forty years ago. I found the poem recently and am posting it on this site for all to read who visit here. My Body Torn, My Body Mended is my gift to you with a request that you join Jesus in his prayer from John 17, that we be one, as He and His Father are one, that we would be one in them. Peace.

My Body Torn, My Body Mended

Slipping away, breaking apart, yet staying together,
Feeling a tinge as if torn, yet mending among my menders.
A bit of sadness in separation, yet joy from warmth and closeness,
Satisfaction in love shared, tainted by division within.
My body torn, my body mended, as members withdraw and return,
I long for the withdrawal ending. I pray for my members to learn.
That joy comes in sacrifice, learning to rub together,
Scraping the bark of selfishness, revealing a self untendered.
Taking a risk and reaching out, relying on our single heart,
Realizing the body of love of which we are all a part.
What I am is who you are as you draw together in prayer.
My body torn, my body mended, as you gather together I’m there.
~ by Pat Rinker

Love in Jesus,
Pat Rinker

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